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It is said, “There are five S’s of sports, namely stamina, speed, strength, skill, and spirit; but the greatest of these is spirit.” And just in case, you wish for your spirits to be uplifted every once in a while, simply invest in IBJA Gold’s fitness coins. With us, you can rest assured of finding an exhilarating collection of coins, each with an action from one of your favourite sports etched on it! Not only will these coins prove to be an astounding way of motivating yourself, and staying ahead of the competition, but will also act as a sound investment. Since gold is one precious metal that almost always appreciates in value, you can rest assured of receiving a premium price for your coin, and whenever is it that you decide to sell it off!

In fact, you can even pick one of choicest sports coins and pass them on to someone you love and admire. Trust us, whoever is at the receiving end of such a premium gift, will treasure it for a long time to come. 

In the present day scenario, wherein we are all required to sit for most of our waking hours, maintaining one’s health and fitness level is becoming more daunting than ever before. This combined with other lifestyle issues makes it inevitable for us all to include regular exercise, and more importantly yoga in our daily regime. It is for this very reason, that at IBJA Gold, we bring to you, and exhilarating range of elegant gold coins, with your favourite yoga asana etched on it! Not only will these personalised gold coins help you stay motivated towards achieving your fitness goals, but will also prove to be a sound investment, that you can redeem at any point of time in future! Given that the prices of gold, almost always appreciate commendably, you can rest assured of earning a great premium on your investment!

In fact, you can even gift these extremely elegant and truly desirable personalised fitness coins to your loved ones, and help them find an alluring source of inspiration! After all, in order to achieve great heights, all one needs is a little push!

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, and place your order for one or more of these intricately designed fitness coins, and experience a world of health, wealth, and prosperity like never before!

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27 Products

Gold Coins for Occasions Other Than Weddings

Our previous generations used to think of gold only as an investment, and so it was the preferred gifting option when it came to weddings. But gold is a lot more than simply an investment. Gold coins are one of the best premium gifts you can give someone. Nowadays, people wear gold in everyday life. The choice of designs has become more modern and totally customized. This is why it is a good idea to gift a gold coin so that it can be molded into jewelry at a convenient time and as per the choice of the person who wants to wear it.


Reward the Fitness Freaks for their efforts

Gold coins, just like gold jewelry, have become highly personalized. Our ‘Fitness Gold Coins’ collection is perfect for that friend who is always up for a workout. You can thank them for their constant motivation and their efforts to ensure that you stay healthy and fit at all times. This collection is also suitable for the sports players and fans as it includes engraved coins with images relevant to sports like tennis, football, formula 1, and more.

Put Your Trust in Our Brand

IBJA Gold, which is a partnership between the Indian Bullion and Jewellers Association Ltd and the Rajesh Wadhawan Group, is a premium gold coin seller online and in stores. The Indian Bullion and Jewellers Association Ltd (IBJA) that was formed in 1919, is the leader in bullion trade for all bullion and jewelry associations in India. The Rajesh Wadhawan Group, which was formed in 1973, has a reputation for trust and reliability across different industries in India and abroad.

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