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Why choose Brilliant Global Financial Limited?

Brilliant Global Financial Limited is a leading global investment brand, strictly regulated by financial institutions in many countries. After more than ten years of precipitation, the brand safe operation, steady development, with diversified investment business to empower the change and innovation of Internet finance.

We adhere to the pioneering attitude, for different types of investors to provide professional precious metal investment products, equipped with full-featured trading tools, the world's leading sources of quotations, as well as intimate 24-hour online customer service, to become one of the industry-recognised, the most trustworthy international investment brand of the investing public.

Title case 21
10 +
Platform Operations(years)
5 +
Transaction orders (10000 million)
500 +
Investors served (10 thousand)


Industry-recognized and one of the most trusted international investment brands for investors.

A model for secure transactions

The safety of funds and transactions are protected by laws and regulations; 

authoritative qualifications are recognized globally; 

ten years of honest operation is the trusted choice of the market.

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Customer Base Protection

Reliable security technology enables zero vulnerability in the transaction process; 

audit organizations regularly review and separate funds independently; 

professional wind control and confidentiality procedures to guard customer privacy.

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Fast access to funds

Support 24 hours funds access. Real name binding, 

Real name binding, only the customer himself to withdraw funds, 

Specialized follow-up, funds to the account more quickly.

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Exclusive Offer

The industry's lowest investment costs; 

the BIBFX Gold account speculation send $ 50,000 bonus; 

gold and silver spread up to return $ 28 / hand.

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Considerate Investment Services

All year round 24-hour online customer service to answer questions and solve puzzles; 

professional teachers Asia and Europe and the United States real classroom interaction throughout the day;

 professional curricula to help you understand the market trend.

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MT5 Trading Software

Faster order speed, to capture the first opportunity to profit; 

more stable trading experience, the operation of efficient and intelligent;

 simulation trading system, the combination of learning and practice.

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Brilliant Global Financial Limited official website is updated in real time with trading introductory knowledge and investment strategies, covering current gold, silver and other common trading information.

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