Premium Gifting in India – A Detailed Guide

July 1, 2019

Giving gifts is an age-old tradition. Whether it’s your spouse’s birthday or your boss’s wedding, if there’s one thing common between the two events, it’s the presence of a gift. But some people forget how important gift-giving is. You can’t neglect the importance of a high-quality gift. Moreover, when it comes to premium gifting, the stakes get even higher.

Thanks to the latest technologies, you can even buy gifts online in India. But without the right planning, your online purchase might be futile. Don’t worry, though because our extensive guide on premium gifting in India will answer all of your questions. We’ll be getting you out of the gifting hurdle: What is the perfect wedding gift? What are the qualities of the perfect gift? How can I find the ideal corporate gift for my company?

We suggest bookmarking this page because it’s full of valuable info. It’s a big read too but it’s worth it. And if you know someone who needs some gifting advice, then share it with them. It’ll help them out. But before we begin discussing different kinds of gifts, let’s understand the difference between them.

Difference between premium gifts and normal gifts

What is a premium gift? It’s a high-value gift which symbolizes a great value of respect and emotional attachment. Premium gifts carry extra value. Just as the name suggests, premium gifts are for precious occasions and special people; for example, your 10th wedding anniversary or your best friend’s marriage.

A normal gift is generic and is given as common courtesy such as a thank you card or any other gift. Finding premium gift is difficult. That’s because the value of a premium gift depends more on its practicality, utility, and emotional value. The perfect premium gift makes a lasting impression on the recipient that can’t be forgotten.

What makes a gift perfect?

When you’re going to buy a premium gift in India, make sure that you keep these points in mind. Hope these may help you in landing onto the correct gifting choice. Let’s get started:

Your gift should be thoughtful

Would you like the recipient to forget your gift the next day? Our guess is, no, you’d hate that! Even with a normal gift, that is, a generic gift, the giver doesn’t want the recipient to forget the gift so easily.

But on a special occasion, a person receives plenty of gifts and you could gift them a premium gift that’s cherished forever. You would want your gift to be the most special one, isn’t it? Give something unique which no one else will or can. What’s something the recipient wanted for long? You’ll have to think a lot in order to come up with a thoughtful gifting idea, but when you do that, it’ll be worth the effort.

It should be unique

Gifts that stand out are always in the memories of that person. When you’re choosing something to give as a gift ask yourself this question: Is my gift unique?

You might wonder what a unique gift is. But the answer is quite simple. When you have to think a little to come up with a gift which adds value to the life of the recipient and it is something likable, your gift is unique. For example, many people give dining sets or tea sets as corporate gifts. Do you think it’s a unique gift idea? Does every employee require a new tea set? Maybe they do. But you get the point. Your gift should be different from the convention.

It should provide value

If you want your gift to be memorable then you should ensure that it adds value to the life of the recipient. Whether it’s the monetary value or utility (which we shall discuss later), you should ensure that it improves the life of the recipient in some way. For example, if your best friend’s birthday is coming up and he could really use some decorative materials, a painting or sculpture might be an amazing gifting idea.

Note: Right after this discussion, we’ll be discussing the perfect premium gifting idea which you can use for many occasions.

It should last long

The longevity of a gift is an important factor to consider. How long will your gift last? Is it something that will last for years or is it something that can only last for a few months? The longer your gift will last, the stronger and the better recall value it will have on the recipients’ mind. So the longevity of the gift is also vital.

It should have emotional value

The emotional value of a gift is also a powerful factor to consider. If your gift has a lot of emotional value then you can forget about longevity and utility. The emotional value of a gift alone makes it a powerful and attractive possession. An emotional gift is something which brings back memories in the mind of the recipient. It can be a card carrying a deep and simple message. It can also be a collection of things you used to collect as friends.

What is the perfect premium gift? Now that you know the fundamental qualities of the perfect gift, figuring it out wouldn’t be too difficult for you. What’s something which carries a lot of value, utility, longevity and emotional value as well? Take a guess.

It’s a gold coin or a silver coin, depending on the preference of the recipient and your budget. Gold or a silver coin is a fantastic premium gifting idea. And when the coin is customized for personalization its value increases a thousandfold. Custom gold and silver coins make the most suitable premium gifting ideas for many occasions. If you’re wondering why they are the right choice, take a look at the following pointers:

Why custom gold or silver coins are the right premium gifts?

Monetary investments:

Both gold and silver are precious metals. They have a high value. And their value has only increased with time. The price of gold has doubled in the last 10 years alone. And in the last 20 years, the difference is of nearly 6 times. That’s a steep rise. Silver has a similar story. The point is, precious metals carry a lot of monetary value, which is only going to increase with time.

When you give a gold or silver coin to someone, it signifies that you care about them and they hold a special place in your heart!

Universal appeal:

Everyone likes gold and silver. Who doesn’t? There are a lot of reasons to like them and everyone finds one or two for the same. You would not have a bad impression on the recipient with a gold or silver coin. This quality alone makes them perfect for premium gifting. If you don’t know the preferences of the recipient, for example, your employees, then you can easily hand out custom gold or silver coins.

Personalization adds emotional value:

We aren’t discussing normal gold and silver coins here. We’re talking about custom gold and silver coins. You can get an image, a message or both of them engraved on the coin. This gives you the opportunity to add a beautiful wish or message on the coin and thus, enhance its emotional value.

For example, you can give a custom gold coin to your partner for your first marriage anniversary. It can carry the image of the two of you and a personally written message. Combine that with premium packaging and you’d have the most heartwarming and special anniversary gift.

Cultural significance:

Giving gold is considered highly auspicious in Hindu culture. Apart from that, gold is also considered the symbol of wealth and Goddess Laxmi, who is the Goddess of riches and wealth herself. On Dhanteras and Akshay Tritiya, it’s considered auspicious to buy gold or silver products. So they are amazing premium gifting choices for cultural events and festivals.


A major reason behind the high value of gold and silver is their chemical inactivity. Throughout history, humans have found plenty of metals such as copper and iron. But they are highly reactive and as a result, they corrode easily. Gold and silver, on the other hand, don’t corrode easily. They maintain their original appearance in most of the conditions. This makes gold and silver coins suitable choices for wedding gifts and anniversary gifts.

So, it’s clear that custom gold coins or silver coins are the perfect premium gifts. Now the only question is are they suitable for every occasion? We’ll help you find the answer to that question. And you’d be surprised once you find it out.

How to give great gifts according to different occasions?


On a birthday, it’s all about the birthday boy or girl. So keep the preferences of the respective person in mind while looking for a gift. For premium gifting, you’d want to find something which has strong emotional ties and utility. We suggest you buy customized gold or silver birthday coins with wishes.

You can add the image of the person on one side of the coin and add a wish on the other. The custom coin will not only be a great unique choice but it will also convey your wishes in the most diligent ways possible.


We know how tricky it is to surprise your partner. A nice romantic dinner is great but an anniversary gift can make the occasion more special. For an anniversary, you’d be looking for a romantic and thoughtful gift. The gift should put a big smile on the face of your partner. In this regard, you can get a custom gold or silver coin for anniversary gifting. You can get a pre-designed coin or get a custom order. For a bigger surprise, add a premium case to the packaging too. This way your partner can keep the coin/s safe for a long time and cherish the memories.

Wedding Gifts:

Gold and silver coins are the perfect wedding gifts. In India, giving gold and silver in weddings is considered highly auspicious. So giving a custom gold coin is surely an amazing idea. We don’t mean to boast but we have a large collection of wedding gift ideas so you wouldn’t have any difficulty in finding the perfect gift for the new couple. A custom coin can carry your wishes and a simple message. It can also carry the image of the marrying couple.

Note: You can also give custom gold and silver coins as thank-you gifts or return gifts on your wedding.

Festive Gifts:

For festivals and cultural events, again, custom gold coins are the best gifting ideas. You can buy devotional designs and give perfect gifts to your friends and relatives. You can choose the simple design of ‘Ganesha-Laxmi’ or get a custom-made design. Our collection has them too.


There you have it, the ultimate guide to premium gifting in India. Premium gifts aren’t easy to find. But we both know now how you can get the right premium gift for all kinds of occasions.

Have any questions?  Enquire now. Our team of experts would be glad to help you out. And feel free to browse our store of custom gold and silver coins.

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